Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly Update

It seems that I have had a busy week, with my daughter out of town on business, and I stayed with the grandkids at night. With them being 17 and 11, I don't have a lot to do for them except cook and taxi the little one places. I love it although, they are my pride and joy as all grandkids are.
Here is the progress I made on my WIP this past week.
The Alphabet Sampler by Book With My Needle page5.
 The ABCs of Aging Artfully - Lizzie*Kate
 The Library LittleHouse Needleworks
 February Violets - EMS I have completed the stitching on the flowers, now the border is next.
 November Snowman by Vermillion
 I added a square of Crocus flowers to my Garden of Joy-Friendly Stitches SAL 2009
 The Old West - Littlehouse Needleworks My goal is to finish it by Thanksgiving.
 Another Oct Calender Girl girl arrived from Ally this week.
A great group of Colors to stitch with.
Happy stitching


stitchesnscraps said...

Joyce, once again you amaze me! What lovely progress! Thanks for sharing! You are an inspiration!


Beauty Bonnet said...

love the Garden of Joy! everything's coming up beautifully.
if you don't mind my asking a really dumb question, how do SALs work?

EvalinaMaria said...

Wow, your needles must be smoking! Congrats on the great progress and a lovely gift!

Pete's Pixie said...

Glad you liked the threads Joyce - I thought the fall colours would work well on something. Hugs, Ally xx

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a fun week. Great stitching!

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your wips.

Vicky L said...

Your stitching looks great!

Gillie said...

Pretty as always, love the threads Ally sent.

sharine said...

They all look great but the snowman is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Love all your projects Joyce and just wish I had joined FS when Garden of Joy was a SAL. Beautiful coloured threads from Ally.
Yes Grandchildren are precious.

Thanks for sharing,
Hazel C (UK)

Denise SA said...

Thank you for sharing your progress pics they always inspire me to more stitching

Heather said...

You are making wonderful progress on your pieces! Thanks for sharing.

mdgtjulie said...

Queen of Oops is great! What a fab idea! And lovely fall colors, all rusty and red. Everything else looks great too Joyce!! It amazes me how you get time in on so many things during the week!!

ace teacher said...

Where did you find the chart.. Queen of Oops? I love it!

My husband is from Wyoming and I am always looking for western themed pieces.