Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly updated blog

Good morning, Enjoying watching the Olympic's from London. I record so if I miss any I can watch and stitch later. One more week and I get my cast off and all goes well at my doctors appointment on the 6th of August.
Cong to my granddaughter Anna who won Grand Reserve in Showmanship with her pig, Peaches at a progress show on Sat. Grandson, Christopher placed  6th out of 40 in his class, well done kids.
Now one more progress show next week and then will get ready for our County Fair the end of Sept.
I did get some stitching done this past week and also got my framed Lizzie Kate ABCs of aging Artfully back from the framer. Here are my progress pictures for the week.
ABCs of Aging Artfully
18 count light mocha linen
Framed by Berta(my local needlework shop)

 The Alphabet Samplers Book-With My Needle
 Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking-Gold Collection kit
 Texas-Sue Hillis
 Lilly - Nora Corbett
 O Holy Night Christmas Card-design from 2005 JCS Christmas issue
 Halloween House - U. Michaels - SAL with Linda at http://stitchingwithmyfurbabies and others
 Red Birds-Marie Barber -JCS nov/dec 2011 issue
Have a great week of stitching

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Update

Hello to all my stitching friends. Hope all have had a good week of stitching.
I went back to the doctor last monday. He took my cast off, but put a new one on for another 3 weeks.
He said my toes were healing good, but not fully yet. Older people seem to take longer to heal and he wants me back at my active life fully. So another two weeks left with a cast on. I am hanging in there.
My grandson is still taking me back and forth to work and he and my granddaughter have been grocery shopping for me. The only complaint was that I can't write where they can read it, so will I please type the list next time. What great grandchildren.
They both have a pig in FFA this year and they had their first progress show this past Friday night.
Anna(12) got 2nd in the Junior Showmanship. There will be 3 more progress shows before our County Fair the end of Sept. They both work very hard with their pigs and enjoy it. Christopher will be Vice President of his FFA chapter this next year.
I have been stitching this past week. Here are my progress pictures of my WIPs
The Alphabet Samplings Book-With My Needle (page 9 of 16)
 Snowman and Friends-Gold Collection Kit (stitching for a friend for his son)
 Lilly Nora Corbett
 Thanksgiving Wreath pillow ornament-Holidays All Year
 The Halloween House - U. Michaels - A SAL with linda at http://stitchingwithmyfurbabies and others
 Red Birds - Marie Barber - JCS nov/dec 2011
Have a good week all.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Updated blog

First I would like to say thanks for all of you that asked about my foot. The surgery was June 7 and I stayed off of myfoot for 11 days and have now wore a cast for 3 weeks, tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and hopefully, the doctor will be happy with the healing. In other words no more cast. My daughter seems to think that he will put me in a boot for a couple of weeks, but that will be better that a cast. My Grandson has been so good, taking me to work and picking me up each afternoon. He and my granddaughter have been grocery shopping for me and have done a great job. I wonder how many 17 year boy would do what he has done for me this past month and not complaint.
He says, I am his grandmother, so he should be helping.
I have been tired in the evening, so haven't gotton as much stitching done as I would have liked. I have made a little progress on my WIPs and here are the pictures:

The Samplings Alphabet Book-With My Needle
Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking-Gold Collection kit

 Texas- Sue Hillis
 Lilly-Nora Corbett
 The Halloween House-U Michaels SAL with linda @ http://stitchingwithmyfurbabies
 Red Birds -JCS Nov/Dec 2011
Happy stitching.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Update

Good morning stitchers and crafters. Summer is here in Texas with 90 degree weather with a little rain showers mixed in. I have stitched on WIPS and made a little progress. I even managed to stitch on an older WIP that I have in my rotation(The Stitchers Alphabet-Brooks) among the pieces I am stitching for gifts and a Christmas stocking for a friend. Here are my pictures of my WIP progress for the week.
 The Alphebet Samplings Book-With My Needle page 9 of 16
 Texas-Sue Hillis (gift for my Grandson's Birthday in Sept)
 Snowman and Friends Christmas stocking (stitching for a friend's son)
 The Stitcher's Alphebet-Brooks- Stitching it on an afghan, stitching on the letter D
 The Halloween House-U. Michaels SAL with linda at http://stitchingwithmyfurbabies and others
Red Birds - JCS nov/dec 2011 issue
Happy stitching and crafting in the coming week.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1 updated blog

Happy 4th of July to all US friends. I am now into the second week of wearing a cast on my foot, only two to go. What an exprience. I have gone back to work with the aid of a walker as I can not put weight on the foot yet, only the heel. I have stitched some at night on my WIPs. Here is my progress:
 This the ornament I stitched for the May-July ornament exchange that I am a part of. It is from the 2011 ornament issue of JCS, It is Winter Song by Elizabeth Gorski of Primrose Needleworks.
I have now started page 9 of 16 of The Alphebet Samplings Books-Withe My Needle.
 This is the Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking-Gold Collection Kit. Stitching it for a friend's son. Working overtime on it as I need to finish it by Thanksgiving.
 Texas-Sue Hillis-gift to my grandson
 This is for my granddaughter- Lily Nora Corbet. I have started over as I got of on my stitching and didn't want to frog. Now doing it on 28 ct ant. white Jobelan
 The Halloween House-U. Michaels. SAL with Linda at http://stitchingwithmyfurbabies and others
 A few more stitches done on my RED Birds. JCS issue nov/dec 2011.
 My granddaughter dressed up my cast with our favorite college here in Texs.
Hopefully, the cast comes off July 16th.
Happy stitching and whatever life throws your way.