Thursday, October 30, 2014

Weekly Update

Gee, here it is Thursday am and I am have busy finishing 5 ornaments for a yearly Christmas ornament exchange. Yes, I have now completed them and will get them in the mail. I did get some stitching done on some of my WIPs last week and finished the second of the "The Twelve Days of Texas Christmas" series. Here are pictures of what I stitched on:
 June-Graduation Snowman- Snowman Series – Vermillion-
 April “Sweet Pea” Flower Of The Month series – Ellen Maurer Stroh
1.     Hat’s off to Y’all! Merry Christmas (March) Redbird Designs

1.     Snow in Love ornament #10-2011 Ornament Series
Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weekly Update

Good morning. Our weather is Texas is great these days. Nights are in the 50s and 60s and the days are in the 80s. My busy time is over for a while, so I have been doing a lot of relaxing and stitching.
Also, enjoyed a Sunday afternoon watching my granddaughter and other youths ride and competing in a rodeo. I have also been stitching on ornaments for exchanges. I am in a Yearly Ornament exchange with a great group of crafters, an ornament exchange with Brooks Books, and an ornament exchange with the Friendly Stitchers Group(pictures later). Also stitching ornaments for my family and friends as they look forward to receiving one from me each year. I did finish my first design that I made the pattern on the PC Stitch software. I have a lot to learn with that software, but am enjoying it. Here are my WIPs and the finished "Sleepy" . I let my granddaughter decide how I will finish Sleepy. It will be finished as a small pillow.
 “G” -Stitcher’s  Alphabet – BrooksBook

1.     “Christmas Angels“ #2 Heavenly Host” Collection(4)-Joan Elliott 

1.     Greeting Card-August Doodle 2013-Blueladie Designs. I now have 8 cards stitched in the set.

This is the picture that I used to make my pattern on the PC Stitch software.
 Here is the stitched piece of "Sleepy". Now to finish it as a pillow for my granddaughter.
Happy stitching or whatever life throws your way.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Update

I have been very busy at week this past week. I work for a CPA and the Oct 15th tax return deadline is near. I did get some stitching done although. I am also stitching 6 ornaments(2 done) for ornament exchanges this year(pictures later). The stitching on my granddaughter's horse, Sleepy, is coming along good. This pattern is from the PCStitch software I just got. Enjoy the pictures.
  1.    Table runner   Noel 2009 Sal-Novalee2.Com
1.     Christmas Animals – Heaven And Earth 2 pages out of 8 pages completed
          The deer is now stitched.

 Sleepy, my granddaughter's first horse.
 This is the picture I scanned and made the pattern on PC Stitch
Have a great week.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Joyce's Oct 10th Turtle Trot progress / this is where you can find others that have joined in the Turtle Trot.
Here are the WIPs I stitched on since Sept.
April “Sweet Pea” Flower Of The Month series – Ellen Maurer Stroh-

1.     “Christmas Angels“ #2 Heavenly Host” Collection(4)-Joan Elliott 

“G” -Stitcher’s  Alphabet – BrooksBook-
 June-Graduation Snowman- Snowman Series – Vermillion
  1.     June  Weather Poems-Britian’s #1 Crossstitch Magazine

1.     Joy and Peace Ornament-#9 2011 Ornament series - LittleHouse Needleworks
another ornament finished in the 2011 series
Happy stitching, Joyce

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekly Update

What a Fun Week. Our Fort Bend County, TX, fair has ended. I volunteer in the Creative Arts Departments. It is fun to see all the entries from Needlework to plants and food entered.
Here is my collection that I entered and won blue ribbons on.
I have added the PC Stitch software to my stash of cross stitching. My first try is a picture of my Granddaughter's first horse, Sleepy.
Here are pictures of the other WIPs I stitched on this past week
  1.     Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking – Gold Collection Kit

1.     Poinsettia Towel-Lois Winston for DMC-Just Cross Stitch Magazine Nov/Dec 2011

1.     Hat’s off to Y’all! Merry Christmas (March) Redbird Designs
This is ornament 2 stitched of The Twelve Days of Texas Christmas, 10 more to go.
That's it for this week. Have a great week with a lot of stitching.