Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Update

I had a wonderful day on Saturday. I was part of the committee that planned our 55th reunion for our high school class(Lamar Consolidated) of 1958. We had 47 classmates and 25 guests in attendance.
We visited, talked and talked and enjoyed a great meal of Chicken fried steak with potatoes and green beans and a green salad. Then Peach cobbler for dessert. We had live music that played our great songs of the 50s. A photographer(my daughter) came and took a group picture and a lot of candid shots. She is putting the candid shots on a cd for us. We had 146 classmates and have lost 33. We still look great(well most of us) and enjoy a reunion every 5 years. Pictures to come.
I did a little stitching this past week and here is my progress on the WIPs.
The Alphabet Samplings Book-With My Needle
14 of 16 pages stitched

Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking-Gold Collection Kit

The Halloween House Ursula Michaels
Finished the left corner and started the border

November Snowman-Vermillion

Silent Night ornament-LittleHouse 2011 series

Red Birds - Marie Barber
Stitched a few more stitches on the male redbird.
Have a great week.

365 Card Challenges - Day 117-118-119-120

Four more cards this week.
Day 117-
challenge: Emboss It.

Day 118
challenge: Super Sketchy Sunday
Day 119
challenge: Capturing The Moment
Design your card with the feeling of the moment; major event in your life or around you

Day 120
challenge: Impossible Mission; Create a card in 10 minutes or less

Christmas Card Challenge Week 31

Week 31
Paper Piecing
I used brads to do the paper piecing.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Update

A good Sunday afternoon to stay inside with a glass of Ice Tea and stitch. It is in the 90s here in Texas. Once again, I am a proud Grandmother. My granddaughter, Anna(13) competed in her first big event of the summer. Will have pictures next week as I am waiting for my daughter to send me the pictures she took. Anna did her best time at all events at the Fort Bend Youth Rodeo last night. She was 11th(missed 10th by a fraction) out of 20 in straight barrels, 7th out of 20 in poles and placed in the middle of 20 in cloverleaf(Barrels). For my new followers, here is a picture from a couple of weeks ago.

I did make progress on several WIPS this past week. Completed stitching and finishing another ornament for the next exchange. My exchange partner from Germany in the Friendly Stitchers group received my ornament, so will show you what I stitched. Also, I received my ornament from David in the May-July exchange with the Christmas Crafters group.
Merry Christmas-County Cottage Needleworks
JSC ornament issue 2011
Sent to Judith in Germany
I received the ornament below from David. He does beading and isn't it beautiful.
Here are WIPs stitched on this past week.
Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking
Gold Collection Kit
The Alphabet Samplers Book-With My Needle - 13 pages stitched, 3 to go.
March "Jonquil" Flower of the month series - Ellen Maurer-Stroh
The Halloween House - Ursula Michaels - SAL with Linda at
and others.

Red Birds - Marie Barber - JCS issue nov/dec 2011
                              I am stitching on the Male Red Bird and it is beginning to come together.
"Silent Night" ornament - 5th in the 2011 series - LittleHouse Needleworks
Have a great week and enjoy life to the fullest.


365 Cards Challenge - Day 113-114-115-116

I am still behind for the year, but are my latest ones.
Day 113 Challenge: Doodle-Y Do
add a doodle to your card.

Day 114; Challenge, Word Wednesdays "Soft"

Day 115; Challenge- I've Been Framed

Day 116; Challenge - Color Combo; green, brown, gold, beige

Christmas Card Challenges Week 30

Week 30 Be Inspired

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Updated Blog

Good morning to all from hot Texas. Summer is her with hot weather. This week slowed down for me a little. Only had a meeting to finalize our 55th high school reunion on June 29th. Looking forward to it. It is really hard to think we have been out of high school this long. Our class is still looking good and we have been lucky to have only lost 32 out of 146 classmates.
I did complete #4 of 2011 Littlehouse ornaments this week. Also starting stitching on another ornament for the next exchange. Here are pictures of the week.
Snowman & Friends Christmas Stocking-Gold Collection Kit

The Alphabet Samplings Book
Page 13/16

Gingerbread Village ornament
#4 2011 series
Littlehouse Needleworks

The Library
Littlehouse Needleworks

The Halloween House Ursula Michaels
SAL with linda and others
Red Birds Marie Barber
JCS nov/dec 2011
Stitching on the male redbird now.
This was the ornament I sent my partner in the May-July exchange in the Christmas Crafters group.
I am now off to watch my granddaughter ride with her club at the monthly rodeo.
Have a good week all and may you stitch and craft all week.

Christmas Card Challenges Week 29

Week 29

365 Card Challenges - Day 109-110-111-112

I am still behind, but still making a few cards each week.
Day 109 Color Combo
Brown, Black, Pink, Beige

Day 110
On the Edge, Stamping along the edges.
I went a little farther on the card

Day 111 -Super Sketchy Sunday

Day 112 Throwback
Select an Old Challenge Sketch

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekly Update on stitching and life.

Summer is here in Texas, hot and hot. We have had a nice rain this afternoon and everything looks nice and green. My Granddaughter. Anna(13) is competing in rodeo events for juniors. She took part last Saturday in an event and won 4th overall in her division in cloverleaf, figure 8 and poles. Most of us know these better as barrel racing. Of course, Grandmother is very proud of her.
I finished stitching an ornament for the Christmas Crafters group and got it in the mail. I will picture it after it is received. I also finished another greeting card using a design called "January Doodle" by Blueladie designs. It was a fun design to do. Check her website out at
Here are the other WIPs progress that I stitched on this past week.
Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking-Gold Collection Kit
The Alphabet Samplers Book-With My Needle
page 13/16

The Halloween House-Ursula Michaels
SAL with Linda at and others

The Gingerbread Village ornament-LittleHouse Needleworks
#4 2011 series 
Red Birds - Marie Barber
JCS nov/dec 2011
stitching on male red bird.
Nancy at is having a neat give a way. Check it out.
Also, if case you missed it, I stitched Fireman by Heinzit for my Grandson and used Victorian Motto Sampler thread(2 different shades of Red).
Have a good week.

Christmas Card Challenge Week 28

Week 28
Challenge: Use Lace

365 Card Challenge Day 105-106-107-108

Day 105
Top 10
Select 10 embellies to add to your card

Day 106
Welcome Spring

Day 107
Word Wednesday- Imagine

Day 108
Glitz Blitz
added glitter letters and glitter on the card(photo doesn't show the glitter well)