Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Update

 Our Fort Bend County Fair is in full swing this week and I take vacation and work in the cashier office.
Also, watch and cheer on my grandkids as they show off their animals. Anna(11) showed a goat and a pig. Christopher showed a Steer and a pig. They did great and even sold his steer. He placed 7th in his class with the steer and made the top 7 in showmanship with the pig. Anna placed 3rd in showmanship with her pig. I thought you would enjoy seeing the letters that were sent out to auction buyers.
 I won red and blue ribbons on my stitching, will post pictures later. The judging was something else this year. It seemed they gave almost all red ribbons(most not have known much about what they were judging.
I did manage to get a few stitches in a few pieces. Here are pictures of what I stitched on this past week.
I have started stitching on page 5 with the alphabet being done in the algerian eye stitch. This will be a new stitch learned for me. The Alphabet Sampler Book - With My Needle
Another word done on the ABCs of Aging Artfully-Lizze Kate
A few stitches on the Pumpkin Patch, A Christmas card and a Thanksgiving ornament.
Making progress on All is Calm ornament LHN.
Progress on The Old West LHN

Happy stitching everyone.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Update on WIPs

First, we finally got some rain Sat and during the night and it is suppose to continue today. Texas is so dry, so the rain is so welcomed.
I again managed to stitch a little each day on my rotation and the Lizzie Kate exchange. Here are the pictures of what I stitched on this past week.
I have stitched the first 4 pages of The Alphabet Sampler Book-With My Needle. The page of alphabets will be stitched in the Algerian eye stitch. A new stitch I will be learning to stitch, wish me luck with it.
 Stitching on the letter g on the ABCs of Aging Artfully-Lizzie Kate.
 I have gotton started on a Yellow Rose Greeting card, first the leaves.
 The Noel tablerunner is beginning to take shape. I stitch a little on both ends as I go, I am on page 6.
 The September Weatherpoem is coming along.
 The phasant is taking shape. This is Christmas Animals-Heaven and Earth.
 This is what it will look like(I hope) when I have completed it.
 I am enjoying this piece-The Old West LHN. It will be a birthday gift for my nephew when finished.
He will be 27 this year. He is a volunteer firefighter and just returned from the Bastrop fire here in Texas.
Happy stitching this week. We have a Fort Bend County Fair starting Sept. 23 and I am entering several crossstitching pieces. Wish me luck with blue ribbons.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Update on WIP's progress

First, again let me say Thanks to all my followers and to the ones that left comments for the Give A Way.
Jennie K aka library stitcher was the winner, but I have not heard back from her. I will give her until Wed and then I haven't heard from her, I will draw again.
Here are pictures of the WIP's I stitched on the last week.
The Alphabet Sampler - With My Needle - almost finished page 4 of 16

 Lizzie Kate's ABC's of Aging Artfully.
 February Violets - EMS - Almost can see the end of the tunnel.
 November Snowman - Vermillion
 Added a Dragonfly to my Garden of Joy.
 Letter C Stitchers Alphabet - Brooks . Stitching on an afghan
 The Old West LHN - Almost have finished stitching the first page of 2.
Have a great stitching week.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We have a winner!

We have a winner of my givea way. Thank you for all the comments.
The winner is #28; Jennie K aka Librarystitcher.
I will email her for her snail mail address and get her items to her.
What a week we have had in Texas with all the wildfires. Please keep all the firefighers and family in your prayers.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Grandson Christopher 17th Birthday

My daughter just sent me the pictures from my grandson's 17th Birthday party. He turned 17 on Sept 3.
Of course, He and his sister, Anna are the best grandkids around. They are my only ones.
 Christopher with his Mom and then with his sister, Anna.
 His Grandmother is still the best, he says.

Weekly Update

I managed to stitch every day a little bit and gained some progress on several of my WIPs and new ones that I have started this year. Also almost completed the piece for the Lizzie Kate exchange. Also pictured are the two completed ornaments for an exchange and a gift.
I am now stitching on page 4 of The Alphabet Sampler Book by With My Needle.
 My monday Lizzie Kate stitching is the ABCs of Aging Artfully.
 Stitching another Christmas Card for 2011
 A yellow rose Greeting Card for my collection of greeting cards.
 I am now stitching on the inside third panel of The Library LHN
 Stitching on the 12th ornament from the 2010 series by LHN
 Making progress on The Old West by LHN
 This was the ornament I sent to my partner in the Aug Oct Christmas ornament exchange.
 This will be a gift to a friend. It was in the July/Aug issue of Just Cross Magazine 2011.
Happy stitching everyone. I love your comments. Don't forget to check out my give a way.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Give a Way to say Thank you for being a follower

After only 8 months of blogging I have 105 followers, WOW. I am enjoying everyone's comments each week. It is neat to be able to show off my stitching and happenings in my life.
I have put together a grab bag of crossstitch items from my stash, nothing fancy, but great items to stitch. Leave a comment if you are interested in being in the drawing. I will pick a winner on Friday evening, Sept. 9th. Here is a picture of the items and a list of what they are.

2011 September Blog Give a Way:100 followers
1.       Pillow Sham to crossstitch trimmed in pretty lace
2.       Kitchen set to stitch
Jeanette Crews Book
Kitchen Towel
Pot Holder
3.       Baby Bib-Yellow
4.       Terry Popover Bib trimmed in Light blue Gingham
5.       Baby Bonnet-Pink
6.       Burp Towel-Trimmed in Pink
7.       Bread Cover-Oatmeal 14 ct fabric
8.       Cross stitch Greeting Card-Thank You Bear
9.       Cross stitch Greeting Card-Get Well Soon bear
10.   Kitchen Potholder