Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 2018 Blog Post

January 2018 has come and gone. It has been a busy month without a lot of stitching. First my birthday on January 11 with me turning 78. My family and some friends helped me celebrate with a night of Bingo. I didn't Bingo, but my niece, granddaughter, and grandson did. I play at a Bingo Hall in Katy, TX sponsored by the VFW. It is a fun place with pleasant workers. I have won some.

Now on January 25, I went to the Price is Right Live show. This is the one that travels all over. My ticket was a Christmas/Birthday gift from my niece and great-niece. I was not picked for a contestant, but the show was fun.

Then on January 30, my granddaughter, Anna turned 18. It has been wonderful to be able to watch my two grandkids, Anna and Christopher(now 23) grown up to be great young people. She chose Shogun Japanese Grill for her birthday dinner. She was joined by family and friends. 

I have manage to stitch and finish another of the HOmetown Holiday Series, “Caroling Quartet” #3. I have 5 stitched now.

My daughter is getting married in November and I am stitching Lizzie Kates "A Good Marriage" I have a good start on it.
Now to enjoy February.
Live life to its fullest and stitch a lot.