Friday, September 29, 2017

Fort Bend County Fair, Sept 29-Oct 6, 2017

Judging has now been done for the Creative Art Division of the Fort Bend County Fair for 2017. I volunteer in the department and this year was made chairman of the sewing division. It has been fun the last two days. Now, I won a Rosette(outstanding) on my handmade cards and 6 blue ribbons on my crossstitching.Another good year for me.
Here are some of the entries in the department.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Blog Update of stitching and family

Fall is in the air somewhere. Here in Texas, it is still very warm and we are recovering from Hurricane Harvey and the flood. We were lucky and did not get any flooding in our neighborhood. Many of our friends did, so please keep Texas in your prayers. I have been stitching a little on my rotation and have even finished a couple of items. I have also started to finish the sleds from Sue Hillis(pictures next time. Our Fort Bend Country Fair starts the 29th of Sept and I have been getting items ready to enter. I also volunteer in the Creative Arts Department, which is also fun. I enjoy seeing what other are creating. Here are my two items that I have now finished.
1.     “May Bluebird” The Button Up Birdies #4- by Cathy Jean-The Victoria Sampler
September Weather Poems-Sue Cook-Britian’s #1 Crossstitch Magazine-2000 issues
Here are the WIPs in my rotation that I have stitched some on:
1.      “August” Calendar Girl Series-Little House Needleworks
      “Texas Coral(IndianPaintBrush)Flower”–The 12 Days of Texas Christmas Series -Redbird Designs.
     “Caroling Quartet” #3 Hometown Holiday Series-Little House Needleworks
I somehow started this "Caroling Quartet" twice, so I will make an ornament out of the second one.
      When Cardinals Appear – Blackberry Lane Designs
    Snowman Towel- Border Bonanza –Cross My Heart

Homecoming 2018 and SENIOR YEAR!! Seems like it is all happening so fast! Anna Miller We am so proud of you kiddo!! Have a great time tonight! Love you!!❤️❤️Mom and Grandmother
Theme this year is decorated overalls. Anna with help from her Mother did the coveralls and Mum made the Mum. Yes in Texas, large mums are in. The picture in the bacground is Anna as a very young child.

See you next time, enjoy this season of Fall

Saturday, September 2, 2017

August blog update

What a week this has been. Hurricane Harvey came ashore. Houston and surrounding areas were hit with rain and rain. I live in Richmond, Fort Bend County, TX. We were hit with rain and flooding all week. The Brazos River comes within a few miles from my subdivision. We have a levee which held, thank goodness. The Brazos River-Richmond Fort Bend County crested at 55.19'(flood stage is 45') causing flooding all around us. We had to leave our home on Monday and only made it back home on Friday. Thanks to the levee holding, we did not get any water or flooding in our subdivision. Our entrance to our subdivision had only a small part of the road to get in or out. Today the sun is out and we are trying to put our lives and homes back together. There is still a lot of flooding around which will take many days to go down. Please continue your prayers for all here in Texas.
I have been stitching this week while waiting for the rain and flooding to go away. Here is the progress on the WIPs I stitched on. Also, did finish one that I made into a greeting card.
     “June” Doodle 2015 – Blueladie Designs
    When Cardinals Appear – Blackberry Lane Designs
Christmas Animals – Heaven And Earth
   “O” Overdye - Stitcher’s  Alphabet – Brookes Books

     July ”Larkspur ”  Flower Of The Month series– Ellen Maurer Stroh

     August Baseball Snowman- Snowman Series–Vermillion-Stitched  

      “Season of Love” Ornament -#11  2012 Ornament Series-Littlehouse Needleworks

      November Weather Poems-Sue Cook-Britian’s #1 Crossstitch Magazine-2000 issues

      Christmas in Red-sled ornaments(6)-Sue Hillis

      Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking – Gold Collection Kit

That's it for now. Please keep praying for a quick recovery in Texas