Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weekly Update

It's Wednesday and I am late with my weekly update, but at last here it is. I have finished the Alphabet Samplings Book, wow. It took from Feb 2011 until Sept 2013 stitching on it 1 day a week.
Here are pictures of the completed book. Also, my WIPs progress for the week;

Southwestern-Season August
Redbird Designs.
The Library-Littlehouse Needleworks

The Best Friends are Texas Friends
Redbird Designs.

Pine Tree Inn-#6 2011 series Littlehouse Needleworks

Redbirds-Marie Barber-JCA nov/dec 2011

The Halloween House-Ursula Michaels
SAL with Linda at and others

Have a great week.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekly Update

Another busy with family, work and life in general. Enjoying watching my granddaughter play volleyball and ride in her rodeos. She is doing great in the Youth Rodeo Association. We went to Bellville, TX (an hour from our house) on Friday night. She competed in 4 events(poles, 8's, barrels and goat tying. She placed 7th in poles and 8th in 8's. After two weeks, she is in 23th place of out 39 13-15 girls in all around events. Enjoy watching her ride. I also stitched and made some progress on some of my WIPs. I am putting my Samplings book together and also finishing the Southwest Season-August ornament into a flat ornament. Here are my pictures:
Red Birds-Marie Barber -JCS nov/dec
a few more stitches on the top of the female redbird.

The Halloween House-Ursula Michaels
SAL with Linda at and others
started stitching on the last of the pumpkins and the on to the cobweb border

Pine Tree Inn ornament - #6 2011 series-Littlehouse Needleworks

November Snowman-Vermillion snowman series

Southwest Season-August ornament-Redbird Designs
Finishing it into a flat ornament, backing with blue denim fabric.
The Best Friends are Texas Friends ornament-
Redbird Designs.
I am stitching this for a prize at a Texas party in November.

The Library Littlehouse Needleworks
My goal is to finish this by Christmas, as it will be a gift for my niece who is a school librarian.
She has the Bookshelf(a gift from me) on her school office wall and would like this to go with it. 
Have a great week.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Update

Busy week with family. Friday I went to Edna, TX about 1-1/2 from my house, to watch my Granddaughter compete in her first big rodeo with the Youth Rodeo Association. There were over 600 events. Anna competed in four events, Poles, figure 8's, Barrels and goat tying. She did very well as she has only been riding a year and she is competing against others that have been riding years. She will be riding in rodeos on Fridays and Saturdays for the next year in this youth group. She made 9th out of 23 in Jr. Poles, 15th out of 29 in Jr. goat tying, 14th out of 20 in Jr. 8's, and 24th out of 29 in Jr. Barrels. Then on Saturday, she played in her first volleyball tourney of the year. She is on the 8th grade B Team at her Briscoe Junior High school. Her team took third grade. Of course her Grandmother is really proud of her.
Here are pictures of my progress for the week of my WIPs:
The Halloween House-Ursula Michaels
SAL with Linda at and others
The finish is close.
The Library-Littlehouse Needleworks
I replaced this piece in my rotation with the Alphabet Samplings Book
Pine Tree ornament-#6 2011 series-Littlehouse Needleworks

Southwest Seasons-August ornament.
Redbird Designs

Redbirds - Marie Barber JCS nov/dec 2011

"Jonquil" March Flower of the Month-Ellen Maurer Stroh

The Alphabet Samplings Book-With My Needle
I finished stitching the 16 pages.
I have cut the pairs of pages and have started lining them with Muslin.
Wish me luck on putting it together as a book.

That's all for this week.
Have a great week all.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Postcard Blog Hop

I have taken part in a Summer Postcard Blog Hop. Several of us have sent Home themed stitched pieces to Jo and she has sent them to different ones taking part. I received a very pretty Bless This home by Evalina and here is it with her story. You can go to Jo's blog and see the list of all that is taking part.

Here is your postcard in the Blog Hop, it's from Evalina of
Attached is a photo of a piece I'd already stitched in December of 2010. Freddy went to Ontario for couple of weeks in October and in December I was threatening him that if he would not come home for Christmas he can stay in Ontario forever. He came home on Christmas Eve... in 2010 we had a cold winter and I missed him... The whole time I stitched Bless This House I was thinking of him and a lovely home in a warmer climate. I'm still in the north and still dreaming about warmer weather..."

Sunday, September 1, 2013

365 Card Challenge Day 243/242/138/137

Day 137 Color Combo

Day 138 Back to Nature

Day 242 Soft Touch, But Rough Around the Edges

Day 243 End of Summer.

Weekly Update

It was a busy week, as I worked all work including helping move my office to a new location.
We celebrated my Grandson's 19th birthday on Friday night, which was a fun evening. His first week of Fire Academy was tough he said, but he made it. He is working days and going to evening classes at Lone Star College in Houston, TX. We also celebrated my Granddaughter's making the 8th grade volleyball team. She will be busy with school, volleyball and horseback riding, but that is what she wants to do. She is also an A student, wow. I did get some stitching done on my WIPs this past week.

The Halloween House-Ursula Michaels
SAL with linda @ and others
stitched on the top border with a few pumpkins left to stitch on the bottom as well as the border, but the finish is coming.

The Library-LHN
stitching on the fourth panel and on to the bottom working and border.
Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking-Gold Collection Kit

The Alphabet Samplings Book-With My Needle.
A little left to stitch on page 16 and then hopefully I will be able to put it into a book. I went to JoAnn's on Saturday and got the fabric to finish it into the book, wish me luck.

Southwest Seasons-August-Redbird Designs

Pine Tree Inn ornament#6 2011 series Littlehouse Needleworks

Redbirds-Marie Barber
JCS 2011 nov/dec issue

Also, my partner has received the ornament I stitched for the Aug-Oct Christmas craft ornament exchange.
Peace ornament-Jeannette Douglas Designs-JCS 2011 ornament issue.
Have a wonderful week everyone.