Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly Update

Good morning stitchers,
My stitching this past week was mainly on ornaments for exchanges for this year. I did however did put a few stitches in my roatation pieces. I have one more Lizzie Kate exchange to finish up for this year. Exchanging is fun and I love all the ones I received and all the ones I stitched and sent out. also I was the Oct Calendar Girl in my Friendly Stitchers Group. I have received from 3 and have 2 more on the way.
The Alphabet Sampler Book-With My Needle,28 ct lineen
 Lizze*Kate ABCs of Aging Artfully
 An Thanksgiving Wreath Holiday pillow ornament.
 The pumpkin patch towel.
 An Christmas card using LHN All is Calm second pattern included.
 BrooksBooks Stitcher's Alphabet. Started letter D
 Working daily on The Old West with a goal of finihing it by Thanksgiving.
 Friendly Stitchers Group -OctCalender Girl gifts . What a great collection. Looking forward to using it.

 These are the ornaments I stitched for the ornament exchanges I have taken part in this year.

 My grandson, Christopher has now gone to his girl friends homecoming(she goes to Shiner High School, TX)My daughter made the mum for him to give her. What a Mum. Of course she loved it.

 My granddaughter showing off the mum her Mom made for her brother's girlfriend.

Happy stitching and Happy Holidays


Shirlee said...

So many wonderful stitched things & gifts! For some reason my stitching is very slow even though I try to work on it a couple hours each night : ( I need to find a rhythm or something I guess : ) Your grandson & his girlfriend look like such a nice young couple : ) Blessings, Shirlee

SoCal Debbie said...

Good morning, Joyce! I love your pumpkins towel! It is wonderful to see so much progress every week. I admire you!

Vicky L said...

Great stitching! I am rooting for you to finish The Old West. Your progress looks wonderful!

COUSON said...

So lovely stitching!with my best.

Jackie said...

All your stitching is beautiful Joyce and you are sure to finish the old west piece by your timeline.
Pretty Mum too.

mdgtjulie said...

You have so much on the go Joyce. You just amaze me!! Grats on all the progress, and on the finished ornies. Great job!!

Beauty Bonnet said...

hello joyce! lots of beautiful stitching! i especially like the start on the Brooke's Books alphabet! looks like it will be a nice pattern to stitch up.

Taffy said...

It is overwhelming to see so many projects all at once. Keep up the great stitching.