Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year and end of 2016

Happy New Year to all, wishing the best of everything in 2017, including many hours of stitching. As we come to a close for 2016, my life is filled with family and friends. Stitchery time found me finishing 59 items in 2016 which included many gifts and ornaments for exchanges. I have the items listed on my side bar, but here is a picture of them.
I will continue my rotation of 15 WIPs for 2017. This includes several series which I am making progress. The list is on the side, but here is a picture. I have included pictures of the completed pieces in the series I am stitching.
My office lunch hosted by my boss was enjoyed at Taste of Texas in Houston
My sorority chapter had our Christmas meeting and enjoyed by all
I had a wonderful Christmas with family. Christmas Eve enjoyed with my daughter, grandson, granddaughter and my daughter's friend and his three girls.

Christmas morning, Santa had come and gifts were enjoyed.


Christmas afternoon was enjoyed at my Nephew's new home with is family

Have a wonderful 2017 enjoying whatever life throws your way.
Wishing many hours of stitching too.


Shelly said...

Happy New Year, Joyce. Wow, that's a lot of finishes for the year! That's great. Nice Christmas pictures of family, the best kind!

Desiree Ehleiter said...

An amazing number of finishes! Congratulations! Love your family pictures. Have a wonderful new year!

Deb said...

Amazing stitching! Congrats on all your finishes!
Lovely family photos and memories.
Wishing you a wonderful 2017!

Tiffstitch said...

Great holiday and Happy New Year!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Happy New Year, Joyce.

blueladie said...

Joyce, I am AHHHHHHmazed at your accomplished stitching last year. I know you shared it with us at KYKS, but I had no IDEA!!! I think you should post that composite picture at KYKS (it will challenge and shame me LOL)! You have a lovely family and had a wonderful holiday with them. Thanks for sharing it! Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn

Meari said...

Great photos! Glad you had a good holiday season.

Amazing finishes!