Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekly Update

Winter has found us. My city of Richmond only saw temp's in the high 30's last week, didn't freeze here. The rain came on Sunday and made it seem a lot colder then it was. I woke up with it at 34 degrees this morning. It is to be 28 here tonight. Will dress very warm to go to work later this morning. I did finish another ornament for my last exchange and got it in the mail on Saturday, will picture it after she receives it. I have a couple of more ornaments to finish hopefully for gifts this year. Here are the WIPs I stitched on last week;
June-Graduation Snowman- Snowman Series – Vermillion
 April “Sweet Pea” Flower Of The Month series – Ellen Maurer Stroh
1.     June  Weather Poems-Britian’s #1 Crossstitch Magazine
1.     Snow in Love #10-2011 Ornament Series
Stay warm and happy stitching


diamondc said...

Love them all the top one looks very interesting.
I love ornaments I have three small trees that are all hand stitched ornaments I display in the living room.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Linda said...

Nice progress Joyce. I love those Weather Poem designs your stitching. Would you be interested in selling the magazines when your done?


Deb said...

Great work Joyce!

Denise SA said...

Stay warm lovely stitching