Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Joyce's September 10th Turtle Trot Progres

I am part of a group that chose 10 WIPs at the beginning of the year and each month we show our progress. Check out all of the other stitches at
Here are my 10 as of September 10th.

1.     June-Graduation Snowman- Snowman Series – Vermillion- Stitched  Jan ,Mar, April, May,Nov, Dec

1.     Red Birds-Marie Barber-Just Cross Stitch Magazine Nov/Dec Issue 2011

1.     Christmas Animals – Heaven And Earth 2 pages out of 8 pages completed

1.    Table runner- Noel 2009 Sal-Novalee2.Com

1.     “G” -Stitcher’s  Alphabet – BrooksBook-Stitched A B C D E F

1.     “Christmas Angels“ #2 Heavenly Host” Collection(4)-Joan Elliott 

1.     August Doodle 2013-Blueladie Designs

1.     April “Sweet Pea” Flower Of The Month series – Ellen Maurer Stroh-Stitched  Jan and Feb

1.     Joy and Peace-#9 2011 Ornament series - LittleHouse Needleworks

1.     June  Weather Poems-Britian’s #1 Crossstitch Magazine

That's it for this month.


cucki said...

Beautiful projects xxx

Linda said...

Wonderful progress on all your projects Joyce.


Mylene said...

wow! so many projects going on...all are coming along beautifully!

Preeti said...

Great progress on your projects!!