Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Update and Traveling Stash box

Good morning,
First, I will let everyone that comment on the Traveling Stash Box know, that wow, a lot of comments.
I will draw a name this week and get it in the mail to the winner. What fun this box is!
Had a good week, unpacked some, getting settled into my new apartment. Trying to stay a little cool. It is now the 18th straight day of 100 degrees+ here in Texas, very dry too. Here are pictures of my WIPS this past week. Also, finished an ornament for an exchange(will picture after she gets it) and almost finished another ornament also for a gift. Also, showing off my new sunroom(craft/stitching/computer room). As you can see I still have boxes to unpack and organize, but love the room.
 Stitching on Page 4 of The Alphabet Book-With My Needle.
First Line completed on the ABCs of aging Artfully-Lizzie*Kate
 Coming along on the February Violets-EMS
 After starting over a second time I am ok with the look of the start of the Nov. Snowman, Vermillion. It has a lot of white, light beige and tan.
 A good start of the September Weatherpoem.

 Making progress on the NOEL Tablerunner.
 I am enjoying the Old West by LHN
 Here are the pictures of my new sunroom.

Happy stitching and a wonderful week.


stitchesnscraps said...

As always you amaze me, Joyce! You always do such lovely stitching! And you lucky girl! Your craft/stitching/sunroom is lovely! And all organized too! When do you find the time to stitch?! Thanks for sharing!


Deb said...

Hi Joyce. Your noel table runner looks wonderful. Is the fabric salem cloth? Love your violets. Looks like they will be finished soon!
You have accomplished much inspite of moving. Deb

country stitcher said...

All your pieces look great! And what a lovely place to stitch/play on the computer/ and enjoy the outside and still be in side where it is cool.
Happy Stitching

Jennifer M. said...

All of your pieces are turning out great. Very pretty stitching! I like your sun room/craft room. I wish I had a room like that. :)


SoCal Debbie said...

Your sunny craft room looks great! So nice to have a window view when you're sewing. Your stitching is wonderful! I have some of the same patterns in my stash too.

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, what a lovely room. And you have filled it up, lol. I wish I had room for all the crafty stuff I want!!! Grats on all the progress. Everything looks great. Glad you like your snowman this time!

Tricia said...

Wonderful update, Joyce! The violets are one of my favorite pieces to watch you finish. So pretty! Glad you're getting unpacked!

Betty (Elizabeth) said...

Joyce, your craft room looks great .... nice and bright and organized.
Your alphabet book is looking really lovely, thanks for sharing. Betty

Lana said...

Joyce! Look at you and all your wonderful WIP's!! I especially love the snowman! SOOO cute!!

Meari said...

Love your sunroom/craft area!

Look at all those WIPs. You go, girl!