Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blog Update with Fair Ribbons

Our 2016 Fort Bend County Fair here in Texas is over. I had entered 12 entries in Cross Stitch, Holiday, Arts and Crafts, and Antique, winning 7 blue and 5 red ribbons. The entry in Antiques was my Mother's Bible that was give to her by my Dad for her Birthday Oct. 12, 1944. She used it the rest of her life. She passed at 87 March 31, 2005.
As Oct 17th is the final deadline for Individual tax returns , I have been very busy at work. Also, had family and friends birthdays, so my stitching time as been hit somewhat. I did get a little stitched although. Also, my niece, Kim, got the second Little Women , Jo, framed and hung with Meg.
She loved my stitching and I love her framing.
I also finished another sled piece, a raindeer. Just need to put it on a sled.
Here is the WIPs I made a little progress on.
Christmas Animals – Heaven And Earth
“M” Measure - Stitcher’s  Alphabet – Brookes Book
1.     Beth  March” from Little Women-Brookes Books

That's it, see you next week


blueladie said...

Well done, Joyce! :) You have a lot to be proud of. Cathryn

Gillie said...

Very proud of myself, we got our taxes in in September! In our defence we do have to do them in two countries! Lovely stitching and well done on all those ribbons. How lovely to have a framer in the family!

Christina G said...

Congrats on your medals and your finishes, Joyce. Your niece looks really happy.

Nan Davis said...

I am so happy your talents are recognized Joyce. Well Done!

Tiffstitch said...

Nice work on everything and love seeing the Little Women framed! Congrats again on your ribbons!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Congratulations on your wins at the County Fair. I love the 'Little Women' series that you are stitching. No wonder your niece is so pleased with them. Hopefully you will have more stitching time when the deadline for individual tax returns has passed.

Summer said...

Congrats on your medals and finishes! Happy Friday ♥