Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Update

Just when we though Spring was in the air, here comes another blast of cold air. It is raining this morning and on the cool side. Hopefully this will not last long. This has been an exciting week for this grandmother. I was able to see my 8th grader granddaughter off to Washington DC. She and 45 others left Friday for 5 days and will tour many history spots of our USA in Washington DC. She was so excited, what a great event for the young ones. So proud of our Texas kids
I made progress on several of my WIPs this past week.
1.     Red Birds-Marie Barber-Just Cross Stitch Magazine Nov/Dec Issue 2011

1.     April 2013 Doodle Series-– Blueladie Designs –Stitched  Jan,  Feb, March

1.     - Vermillion November Snowman Series -Stitched Jan ,Mar, April, May, Dec.

1.     Texas Happy Hour-Redbird Designs

1.     March-Jonquil Flower Of The Month series – Ellen Maurer Stroh-Stitched  Jan and Feb

1.     Christmas Card for 2014-Stitching  Heavenly Host” Collection(4)-Joan Elliott 

Have a great week and enjoy what ever life throws your way.


Faith... said...

Looks like you have been pretty busy this week - all your stitching looks great! Hope your granddaughter has a great time in DC.

Linda said...

Lovely progress as always Joyce.


Deb said...

Great opportunity for your grand daughter!
Wow! Looks like some of your WIP's will be finished soon! Great work!