Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Update

Happy Veterans Day. Remember to give thanks for all of the men and women serving in troops all over the world. Also, all of the ones that have served in the past.
No job yet, but continuing to look. Went to the doctor for a check up last week, blood pressure back to normal, cholesterol lower than even before, under 200. I guess that shows I have a lot less stress in my life now.  Have been enjoying my time with family and friends. Since our LNS is closing, there are no more stitchins at the shop. One of the ladies from the Saturday stitch in decided that she didn't want the group to fell by the wayside and had it at her home on Saturday. There were 5 of us and what fun. We stitched and talked all morning. Have stitched all week and made progress on a number of my WIPs. Also finished and mailed 6 exchanges and received one this week. Here are pictures.
The Alphabet Samplings Book-With my Needle
 Snowman and Friends Christmas Stocking-Gold Collection kit-
The snow goes on and on
 Lilly-Nora Corbet
 Percy Pig-Mill Hill Kit
Beading is done on the pig, now for the cover and border
 November Snowmen-Vermillion designs
 Nutcracker-Mill Hill kit
Red Beading is done, next gold beading
 The Halloween House-Ursula Michaels
Sal with Linda at and other stitchers
 RedBirds-Marie Barber-JCS nov/dec 2011
stitching the last of the middle flowers.
 Ornament received from Lucille in the 2012Christmas Exchange.
It is done on plastic canvas and a very pretty ornament.
Happy stitching and whatever life throws your way in the coming week.


Melissa said...

Awesome progress, as usual! Glad your stress levels are down, but hope you find a job soon. On the other hand, you are getting lots of stitching done. ;) Thanks for sharing.

Melissa J.

Sarah said...

Oh Joyce, some fantastic stitching going on there, you have one busy needle.

Parsley said...

I'm happy to hear that stitchy friends are having fun together even though the store is closing. Great project work.

Deb said...

Great that your friends can stay together for a stitching day. Lovely stitching as always. Good your blood pressure is down.

Brenda Johnson said...

I'm glad your doctor's visit went well, and that the Saturday Stitching turned out well too. Thanks for having Diane contact me. Your WIP is looking great!

Denise SA said...

I am glad stitching has brought down your stress levels I am sure at times it has saved my sanity

Mouse said...

glad to hear your blood pressure etc are back to normal ... lovely stitching as always and cute ornament you were given too :) love mouse xxxxx

cucki said...

all your wip's are so beautiful..
sending you big hugs x

SoCal Debbie said...

I always love seeing your updates! Those are pretty gold letters in your Alphabet Samplings Book. Persy Pig is so cute, I could just squeeze him! I love the November Snowman. I have the Snowman charts, too. Maybe I'll stitch one next year. Halloween House looks fantastic!

Linda said...

Great progress on all your pieces Joyce. They look terrific.


Carol said...

How nice that your stitching friends continue to get together on Saturdays... Love all of your projects, Joyce--the little bunny and birds with the snowman is especially cute :)

Val said...

As always - lovely work from you ! Love that little stocking ..

Val x

blueladie said...

Joyce, you have such perseverance and discipline and you accomplish so much because of it! Bravo! and Well-done! :) Cathryn

MaryT said...

Great progress, 2 of my LNS have closed and now the closest for me is over 100 miles away.....

Mary Louise in IN

Meari said...

How nice that you're able to keep the stitch-ins going. I don't have an LNS near me. Boo :(

Your stitching looks wonderful, Joyce.

Nicola said...

So pleased you can keep your group going. Once something stops it is very hard to get it going again.

As always I love all your projects. It is so nice to see them all growing.

Shaunterria Owens said...

Great progress on all your WIPs - I really like seeing your progress on Halloween House because I follow some of the other stitchers too.


Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh very beautiful stitching,

marylin from France