Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Award-The Liebster Award.

Julie awarded me with the Liebster Award. This is a neat award to let other bloggers know of others that are sharing their stitching,crafting, and hobbies with us.
It's nice to know that others are enjoying your hobbies. My stitching is my way of relaxing and it is such a great feeling to know that others are there for you when needed also. I started my rotation last year and it is working for me. Some weeks only a few stitches on each piece, but it is progress. This year I have inserted a few new pieces that will be gifts, as my family and friends now look for my cross stitch gifts.
It amazes me to see that I now have 166 followers in just a little over a year, wow.
There are only four rules to this award (the Liebster Award):
1.) Post a link on your blog back to the person who awarded it to you.
2.) Post five up and coming blogs (less than two hundred followers) that you follow and would like to share.
3.) Post a comment on their blogs that you've given them an award.
4.) Post five facts about yourself that people may not have known.
Now, here are the five facts about my self.
1. I am also a scrapbooking. I am now working on two for organizations that I belong to.
2. I am a member of Beta Sigma Phi, International Sorority for Women. This month marks my 50th year being a member. It is a wonderful organiztions that allows you to transfer to others chapters if you move to other areas. I have been a member in Pasadena, Tx, Houston, Tx, Reading, Pa., Panama City, Florida, Rosenberg, TX and now a member in Sugar Land, Tx.
3. I love to read and collect books. I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas and love it.
4. I love to work on my family history and have scrapbooked two albums on both sides of my family.
5. The computer is a hobby and it is amazing that at 72, I have been able to learn how to use it. What fun to chat with friends all over the world.
Now for the 5 bloggers that I am awarding this Liebster Award:
1. Linda at
    I am doing The Halloween House SAL with her and other ladies.
2. Diane at  She is a stitching buddy at our LNS
3. Theresa at
 Her blog is so neat to check out.
4. Mouse at
. She is such a neat person to enjoy her posting.
5/ Lana at 
 is another great blog.
Ok ladies, enjoy

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SoCal Debbie said...

Congratulations on your award! I always like reading the facts about everyone. You're an internet pro!