Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday June 5 Update

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. It broke a heat record here again with it hitting 105 degrees at 3pm this afternoon. I am 30 miles SW of Houston, TX. There are thounder storms happening all around us but not at my house yet. We haven't had rain in months and really need some.
My stitching has continued this past week with my rotation with somedays only getting in 15 or 30 minutes, but at least I got some done each day. I will post some pictures tomorrow as my camera batteries died and I can't get new ones until tomorrow. I was able to scan some of my WIP progress on my printer scanner although, so here goes.
Monday, I made progress on my Joy To The World ornament 2010 #10 Little House Needleworks.
 Tuesday I stitched on the Dec Snowman Vermillion. Not much more to go.
 Wed, I added a BBQ grill to my Garden of Joy Friendly Stitches SAL 2009
 I started over on The Christmas Animals Heaven and Earth. I realized that I had not centered my first piece and there would not be enough room for the tree at the top. I had the rabbit done, and had started on the pheasant's tail and the deer's legs. Oh well, the first piece was a good learning experience for me. I started on the deer's legs this time and hopefully measure correctly this time.
 I completed my 11th Christmas Card for the year.
 Picture to come of my August Weatherpoem. It is coming along nicely, almost to the lettering. I have pictured the page from the magazine that shows July and August.
I also completed Christmas Robin Designed by Cathy Victoria Sampler, Just crossstitch Ornament magazine issue 2010. My local needlework shop(Creative Stitchery, Richmond, TX)has ordered the button birdies from Victoria Sampler for me. I decides to do the one in the magazine first and it has given me practice on the blanket stitch which I am just learning do. I love birds and the ones that Cathy has designed are great. I will post the picture tomorrow of my finished one.
Also, have completed two pages of The Alphabet Sampler Book With My Needle and have started on page 3. Picture to come.
Hope everyone have a great week of stitching.


Niina said...

Hi! Lovely progress again Joyce! And thank you for visiting my blog!

Jackie said...

Hi there Joyce.
Thank you for stopping by darling.
I so admire the way you stay with your rotation(s) of stitching. They are all so beautiful and I really enjoy seeing the progress on them.
It is very hot here in west Texas also. We had a little rain the other day after no rain since February.
TFS all your work.

mdgtjulie said...

It all looks good Joyce. I can't wait to see your pics. Love your snowman!

Tricia said...

The LHN angel is so pretty on that color. Love it! I always like seeing the progress on your rotation. I'm sorry you had to restart your Christmas Animals, but I'm glad you didn't just decide not to finish it. I really think it will be gorgeous when it's done!

Sunshine said...

Nice Update! & Great progress on your stitching! I Love the button up birdies too!!! So far I just have the 1st set, but plan to get the others too. I'm still working on Nov. WP. I look forward to seeing your next update.